Derivative Instruments by State and Local Governments

In addition to the Excel file containing the information you collected from the financial reports, you should submit a brief (no more than 3 pages, double-spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margins on all sides) analysis of the riskiness of the governments derivative transactions. Address each of the following issues (organize the narrative so that it is clear which issues it relates to, such as by using headings or labels):
A. Of the governments you collected information from, which one do you consider to be in the greatest danger of loss because of its derivatives?
B. What types of risks is the government exposed to (for instance, credit risk, rollover risk, etcetera)?
C. For each type of risk to which it is exposed, describe what the government said in its notes about the nature of the risk. Do not simply repeat or cut and paste their disclosure.
D. To clearly show how serious these risks are, compare the governments risks with those of another government you analyzed that is exposed to the same risks but to a lesser degree. You may use different comparison governments for each risk if you wish. Explain how you know that the risk faced by the one government you selected is greater than for the comparison government.
The paper will be graded based on:
Properly submitting the required information in the Excel file.
Following the format described portion.
Making a convincing case for your conclusions.
Following proper rules of grammar and spelling.

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