Discussion Questions and a case applications

Chapter 8: Managing Change and Innovation8.1 Why is Managing change an integral part of every manager’s job?8.5 Oranizations typically have limits to how much change they can absorb. As a manager, what signs would you look for that might suggest your organization has exceeded its capacity to change?8.9 How does an innovative culture make an organization more effective? Could an innovative culture ever make an organization less effective? Why or why not? chapter 99.2 Does the importance of knowledge of OB differ based on a manager’s level in the organization? If so, how? If not why not? Be specific.9.10 Explain the challenges facing managing generational differences and negative behavior in the workplace. chapter 10 10.4 All work teams are work groups, but not all work groups are work teams. “Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Discuss.10.10 What challenges do manager face in managing global teams? How should those challenges  be handled. Chapter 1111.2 What is motivation? Explain the three key elements of motivation.11.10 What challenges do managers face in motivating today’s workforce?Chapter 1212.1 Define leader and leadership and discuss why managers should be leaders.12.10 When might leaders be irrelevant? Chapter13 13.2 Why isn’t effective communication synonymous with agreement?13.6 How might a manager use the grapevine to his or her advantage? Support your response.case APPlicaton 113-30 What are the advantages and drawbacks of universities using social media to communication with various stkeholder–students, potential students, alumni, donors, etc? 13.31 Do you think there would be more or fewer communication barriers when using social media? DISCUSS.13.32  What should managers do to be sure be sure they communicate effectively when using social media?13.33 Looking at the rules and regulations that universities are establishing, do you think that business organizations should have rule for employees using social media? what types of rules do you think would be necessary? Be as specific as possible.13.34 What have been your experience–both positive and negative–with social media? From your experiences, what guidelines could you suggest for managers and organizations?

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