Please analyze how censorship, national security, and the right of access to information played roles in tackling issues of Tiananmen Square Event (1989)

Project description
General expectations
A. Clear and explicit thesis statement
B. Explains reasons for each major claim (WHY? HOW does that work?)
C. Provide evidence to support major claims (examples, materials from course readings). Please be specific, like which chapter/page from readings
D. Do not summarize class notes
E. Avoid slang, popular clichs, and sarcasm
F. Get right to the point and then back it up for serious academic work and primary source materials. Dont waste space being artistic

4. Questions and Source materials

Please answer the following 3 questions in a constructed paper of approximately 9 pages (3 pages for each question). All supporting source materials should be based on class materials (those are included in textbooks, readings from Blackboard, and lectures). No external source materials are allowed. Papers which are not substantially based on our course readings are unlikely to earn a passing grade.
Instruction files

329.docx(45,56 KiB)
412.docx(49,22 KiB)
405.docx(45,21 KiB)
421.docx(47,88 KiB)
426.docx(47,73 KiB)
bigdoll-huang.pdf(2,59 MiB)
apple-huang.pdf(3,11 MiB)
a_history_of_modern_tibet_part_one.pdf(728,41 KiB)
letter_of_his_holiness_the_dalai_lama_to_deng_xiaoping_1992_with_annotation.pdf(90,35 KiB)
leo_ching_those_who_once_were_japanese.pdf(631,99 KiB)
letter_of_his_holiness_the_dalai_lama_to_deng_xiaoping_1992_with_annotation0.pdf(90,35 KiB)
a_history_of_modern_tibet_part_one0.pdf(728,41 KiB),77 MiB)
bigdoll-huang0.pdf(2,59 MiB)
apple-huang0.pdf(3,11 MiB)
maguire2.pdf(2,59 MiB)
melissa_j._brown_on_becoming_chinese_in_negotiating_ethnicities_in_china_and_taiwan_37-74.pdf(2,46 MiB)
redlantern.pdf(598,41 KiB)
prisoner_of_the_state1-72.pdf(1,43 MiB)
the_future_direction_of_the_cultural_revolution_in_the_search_for_modern_china_a_documentary_collect(File not exist or corrupt.)
peter_hessler_river_town_excerpt_.pdf(3,12 MiB)
the_hundred_flowers_campaign_the_great_leap_forward_in_the_search_for_modern_china_a_documentary_col(File not exist or corrupt.)

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