Effective Group Communication

Read the guidelines regarding member participation and skills on pages 196-198 of our text.
Apply these guidelines to a small group that you belong to (whether it is a book club, a study group, a rock band, a committee, a playgroup, or any other small group where you periodically meet). Document the following:
What is the small group, and what is its goal?
What roles are in the small group? What role do you play?
What dimensions of your small group work well, and what dimensions could use improvement? Based on the areas that can use improvement, select the best practices that could address the improvement areas.
How you will apply these guidelines:
If your small group will meet prior to this assignment being due, to apply the best practices in your meeting. Document which best practices you selected, what you did in the meeting, and the results.
If you dont have an opportunity to meet with your small group before the assignment is due, describe how you can apply the best practices to that particular group the next time you meet. Include what you will say and do.
Instruction files

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