This is my second piece of ESSAY on code:1463438. They all follow University Referencing Guidelines under download, clicking Y Library and Online Skills, item 572. NOT Harvard ! !. Please go to User name: jkoroma Password: sierra leone and click on Downloads and then on Hetty Lalleman and click Reading and Using the Bible. Go to item 00.4 ASSESSMENTS 103, click on Download and open. Please answer question No. 2 Summative Assessment: Text is MARK 2:1-12. Go down to 08.03 MATERIAL FOR YESTERDAY\’S LECTURE APRIL 11 (62K) Click download and open to Guidelines and DECIDE which 3 Bible Versions you may use for essay. Exegesis Guidelines start on No. 2. Exegesis A-D. E is Summative assessment format to follow in answering Question on Mark 2:1-12. For Commentaries (recommended) please follow Pieter Lalleman, Unit 112, item 06. Only use 3 Bible Translations and 2 Commentaries for Exegesis. When arguing relationships between Old and New Testament, please go to \’\’Material for May 9th\’\’ (47) and click Download and look specifically on page 4 of 5 on second bullet point and go to 4th item ie allusion: Mark 2:7 and O.T text. Please see which Literature books to use not below 1998 publication.

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