Expectancy Violations Theory

For your third major assignment you will write a literature review on a specific theory of your choice. ( I have chosen Expectancy Violations Theory) You must present a comprehensive discussion of the current body of research on this theory. For instance, if I see your last source is from 1998, I am going to know you are not up to date on the current research. Much like a book report describes a book or a biography describes a person\’s life, this paper should, above all, describe a theory. Once you\’ve described the theory, you\’ll then need to elaborate on how the theory works, how it has been tested, how it has been applied, what shortcomings have been identified, etc. This will require that you research several sources, which may include books, book chapters and scholarly journal articles. Finding primary research – reported results of original studies – is really important so that you can see how researchers have developed and tested the theory first-hand.Finding the literature (and limiting your search, if necessary)

Outline of the paper:
1.)Introduction/overview of the theory

2. Definitions of concepts — What are the main concepts and how have they been defined? This should include nominal definitions (working definitions used in research to date) and examples of operational definitions if possible (how the concepts actually have been measured). Again, cite primary research.
3. Relationships among concepts — How do the concepts defined above affect, mediate, or interact with one another? What other factors have come into play in the literature you have reviewed?
4. Critique — What are the limitations of the theory? What are proponents and critics concerned about? This likely will include issues of conceptualization, measurement, and general usefulness of the theory.

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