Formal Writing Assignment 2

For the unit on the novella you read Franz Kafkas The Metamorphosis and wrote response journal entries for each chapter. Formal writing assignment 2 is a critical thinking and information literacy project that will now require you to locate literary criticism for the tale, analyze it and reflect upon how the criticism has informed your understanding of Kafkas story.


Access Online Sources:

To begin, locate two (2) literary criticism essays from Gales Literature Resource Center Database. The two pieces you pick must represent a different approach to literary criticism.
Print the first page of each critical analysis. (These will later be attached to your final paper.)
Construct a Works Cited that identifies these sources.

Summarize, Analyze and Evaluate (at least 2 pages):

Briefly summarize each of the critical essays you have chosen. Be sure to discuss the main point(s) of each essay.
Make an argument that identifies which critical approach the essays author uses. (I am less concerned with whether or not you correctly assess the approach, and more concerned with how you prove your point.)
Answer the following question: Did the analyses of the two pieces overlap at all? If so, how? Cite the sources and provide specific examples.
Which critical approach did you find more interesting or meaningful? Why?

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