Final Reflection

Project description
The goal of this course was to communicate the following concepts:
It is sometimes better to think of writing as appropriate or inappropriate rather than correct or incorrect.
Its level of appropriateness depends on the context and the audience for whom you write.
Gaining awareness of these concepts will ultimately increase your flexibility and strength as a writer.
The Assignment
A short reflective essay 15 points

You will write an essay in which you reflect on what you have learned this semester. The purpose of this essay is to discuss and make connections between your own writing process and how various styles of writing function rhetorically in society. In other words, discuss ways in which the knowledge you acquired in this course has influenced how you write.

Consider your answer to this question: What have I put into this course and what will I take from it? Think about our areas of emphasis during this semester: Writing, rhetorical situations, rhetorical strategies, research, arguments etc. Your body paragraphs should connect one or two of these skills to an actual writing situation in your life. In other words, each body paragraph should explain how this new knowledge has shaped or influenced how you write and communicate ideas. Your discussion should be specific and provide examples. Your examples can refer to your writing in either academic or non-academic contexts (your writing for science classes vs. a Twitter post or a Yelp review etc). Try to go beyond writing situations in English classes.

Keep in mind, this reflection is not an evaluation of the course. You will do that in another format. Rather, this essay is a reflection on your own process and progress. It is okay to write this assignment in first person. I would like to hear your voice in this essay.

Essay rules and guidelines:
If you talk about rhetorical devices, please provide short definitions of the rhetorical appeals before you discuss them. It should be apparent by your discussion of them that you understand what they mean.
Organization: There should be one main idea developed in each body paragraph, one example from your writing practices, and an explanation of the example. Short, effective transition sentences are also required.
Length: 2-3 pages, Font: New Times Roman font, 1 inch margins, double-spaced, MLA format. Include citations if you use information from an outside source.
Please write a thoughtful reflection.
Instruction files

final_assignment.docx(30,40 KiB)

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