Length: 10 pages minimum, no maximumAs discussed in class, choose an island that is currently using fossil fuels in significant quantities, and design a plan for the island to exit all fossil fuel use by 2026. Your plan must explain how the island would continue or increase its current level of prosperity. The island may be an independent country or a subunit of an independent country. For example, Manhattan would qualify. Any of the Caribbean island states would qualify. Archipelagos (such as Japan or the Philippines) would also qualify.Your paper must have a proposal for anything and everything currently heated, cooled, built or moved by fossil fuel. It must also include a proposal for transportation to and from the island.Your paper must estimate how much the transition would cost, how it would be paid for, and who would pay for it.If the island is a tourist destination, discuss how the energy transformation would impact tourism.If the island already has a published plan to accomplish this transformation, you may cite that plan and freely use it as the basis for your paper, commenting on its feasibility, practicality, political support or opposition, etc.You must fully document your report, attaching, in so far as you can, hot-links to the sources.

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