The Culture of Poverty Debate

Debate Review Paper

This paper is intended to expose students to debates in the social sciences related to poverty in the US. I have selected four debates and readings for each. Please pick ONE debate to read (see list below). In a 3-4 page paper, summarize the debate and analyze it with the following questions in mind:

What is the basic issue at stake in the debate?
What does each side (or multiple sides) argue? Summarize each side of the debate
clearly and succinctly.
What is the nature of the debate? Is it over competing social science research? Is it
over a policy agenda? Is it over values as defined by society? Is it over race,
class, or gender divides? The word nature can have many meanings here, but,
at a basic level, explain how the debate is being fought.
What does each side (or multiple sides) want to see happen in society? Most debates
over social science have important policy implications discuss what should
happen according to each side.
Finally, draw your own assessment of the debate which side is most persuasive? Why?

The paper should keep the above questions in mind, but do not make the paper a literal answer to each. The paper should be 3-4 pages, double-spaced, with careful attention to grammar. Submit through the Submit Assignment tab.

Below are four debates and readings for each. While some debates are only one article, the total length of reading for each debate is roughly similar. For debates with only one reading, the reading is a report on both sides of the debate. For debates with more than one reading, the articles themselves frame the debate, with each representing one side. Again, pick ONE of these debates and write a paper addressing the above questions.

The debate that was selected: The Culture of Poverty Debate

These are the articles for the debate (this paper must include a thesis)

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