Internationalisation drivers and global markets

Project description
Please answer the following questions:
1. Toyota has been one of the leaders on automotive industry especially in Africa and U.E.A. For example, In Angola Toyota group have gained a huge credibility, value, respect and is a leader in Angola automotive market, many Angolans today prefer to buy a Toyota or Hino brand cars for various and significant reasons. First, the cars have more durability, even with streets and roads in bad shape. Second, they are affordable for many peoples around the country. Third, the ability to acquire all types of parts and services is very high. In fact Toyota product became the first choice for many countries in Africa gaining competitive advantage in those markets with the synergy strategy.
Why do you think Toyota needed to do this? Why could it not use the Toyota organisation itself to promote buses?

2. Nuo in the Key Concept Exercise (KCE) has mentioned the term ‘Synergy’, it was something very great for us as students in that bygone era and perhaps in our opinion the ultimate form of business strategy to create synergy.

” Two channel partners complement each other to ensure bring unique, have the function of value, and allow each company to learn from its partners. In addition, by the ability of complementary collection channel partners could achieve synergy combination in th ”

Can the class please comment on the idea of ‘Synergy’ and how perhaps they can benefit from it in their lives and careers! 🙂 Can we have some examples of synergies in real companies?? Does ‘Synergy’ has something to do with the idea of ‘Economies of Scope’ or ‘Economies of Scale’?

3. The risk of this strategy (multinational strategy) is that it is expensive and may fail to provide the expected results depending on the dynamics of the market. With a highly dynamic market, the strategy may produce poor results. ”

Please focus on the last sentence of the paragraph above which says that in a dynamic (quickly changing) market, multinational strategy may yield poor profits. What may be the reasons for this? Can we have some examples which illustrate this idea? Further how can you mitigate such risks??

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