Its due after 10 hours.

: Answer the following questions thoroughly & completely;  should include the , should , & should in order to earn full credit. You may use your part/function packet, your vocabulary textbook, or the dictionary to complete this test.1. Tell about a time in your life when you had a  of work.  What kind of work did you have?  What caused you to be in that position?  Find an image that depicts what your  of work looked like.  2. Tell about someone who has a group of people.  What did this person  the group of people into believing?  What happened as a result of the people becoming ?  3. Find an image that depicts .Explain how this image depicts the definition of .  Then describe a time in your life when you have felt .  What caused you to feel this way?  4. Find an image that depicts .  Explain how this image depicts the definition of . Then talk about THREE ways the of the American economy in 2008-2010 effected you personally.                a.                b.               c. 5. Discuss an historical figure who was able to how an idea or an event would impact our society today.  Explain specifically what actions they took because of their .    6. Discuss three  you have discovered this semester. How will these  discoveries impact your life?              a.                b.               c. 7. What is an  agreement you have made in your life?  Why did you make this agreement?  What happened as a result?  8. Find an image that depicts .  Explain how this image demonstrates the definition of .  When is a time you have felt ?  Explain why you had these  feelings.   9. Who is the most stringent  you personally know?  Explain three situations that show how this person is a.              a.                b.               c.10. Talk about someone in your life  who has been a .  What makes this person such a ?  What three specific things has this person done that demonstrate how he/she is a               a.                b.               c.

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