Project description
Leadership: Essay with at least 2O references.
Prefaced with a literature review and discussion of theoretical contexts, prepare a research essay examining the impact of leadership on operations, customer experience and performance in the particular event of a MAJOR CHANGE. Identify the leadership styles, skills and techniques that are essential to achieve change success. The essay will be based on situations and organisations well known in the hotel and tourism industry; cultural differences must be addressed.

To select a company that went to a MAJOR CHANGE:
-New owner or;
-Change of brand;
-Financial issues;
-Change of leader with a change in strategies (Do not take AIRFRANCE company)

*The literature review must select specific aspects of leadership, then link it to the major change. = Does the chosen leadership style work in the changing company?
Use these aspects to analyse what the leader said and did, his communication, behavior… (Use \”Full-Range theory\” to define his style of leadership).
-Select papers for the literature review, present the results and analyses of these papers, not just the history. It should present what will be used in the core of the report.
-The literature review must be chronological, a structure.
-Do not include the company on the literature review, it must be on the second part of the report.
-The literature review may be the half of the report, 2000 words.

1. Literature review for company shadowing, leader\’s presentation and leadership aspects. 30%
2. Identification and critical review of situations and organisations, presentation of the leader and company\’s change (how well the major change is presented and the link with leader\’s actions). 20%
3.Linking of theory to practice, including change management and cultural differences. = ONLY on Leadership (Analyze competencies, skills, traits, identifying styles, the impact on motivation, the cultural differences). 30%
4. Identification of essential characteristics and recommendations for the change/company (based on analysis and theory plus cultural analysis, identify main drivers for change in terms of leadership and subsequent recommendations).20%

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