1d) Some economists have argued that lands currently owned by the government and administered by the National Park Service and / or a State Park Service might receive better long-term care if they were privately owned and administered. They argue that private owners of a park have an incentive (the profit motive) to engage in conservation efforts and to maintain the park because their future income depends on the willingness of people to visit the park. Let\’s discuss whether the profit motive will provide the proper incentives or if public (i.e. government) ownership produces better results.  (3a) In The News: Based on what you have learned this week, research a news story that addresses INCOME, POVERTY or HEALTHCARE. What has been happening lately? Why? Write a 1-2 page summary of the information and also explain how it relates to what you have just learned. What did you learn? Why is it important? How do the Economics concepts we just covered impact the economy, you and your family, your friends and your employer?

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