narrative essay revision

hi, i have an essay about south Africa \” a narrative essay\”  i need you to fix a lot of thing on it. you need to edit everything she marked on, she left a comment on each part you can fix it also she wrote comments at last part of the essay with grade this you need also to make them on the essay. second thing, you need to see the prompt and make the essay like what she need in the prompt after you had been fixing everything on it.also, you must put a challenged title please after fixing what she said, follow the prompts please.dont forget it a revision so you must improve it!it MLA style with 3-5 pages please, don\’t reduce pages numbers but you may add pages.1-there are two page of the prompt 2-there are review comment of some do not focus on the answer to much focus on the questions if she needs to include something i do not had include it please.3-and finally the essay that you will fix it please if you need something ask me!no plag riz am please!!!!!

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