Module 04Activity – Choosing Scales of Measurement

 Below is a list of variables that might be used in a variety health information management studies. For each item listed below, identify the appropriate scale of measurement () and explain the rationale for your decision.  1.A listing of birth height of newborn babies:2.A count of the variations of eye color in newborns during 1 month:3.The city of residency for patients during a 1 month period:4.The percentage of patients that met the standard length of stay (LOS):5.List of the number of admissions per day for 1 month:6.Top 50 admission diagnosis:7.Top 50 admission diagnosis by cost:8.Number of Medicare admissions for the month:9.The religious group that one affiliates with :10.The time it takes to complete a checking task :11.The size of the cerebellum expressed as a volume :12.The number of frustrated comments made during a laboratory negotiation task :13.The score on the Beck Depression Inventory (a pencil and paper depression scale) :14.The number of pounds lost during a six-week diet :15.The proportion of weight lost during a six-week diet :16.The heart rate of the participant :17.The percent shift in heart rate over baseline during an emotionally demanding task :18.The number of false alarm responses in a monitoring task :19.The pattern of scores on the MMPI personality inventory :20.The number of children in your family :21.The score on an anxiety sensitivity scale :A study shows the effect of smoking on pregnancy and the birth weight of babies. The data elements below are collected during this study. Identify the appropriate scale for each of them. 22.Mother smoked (yes or no):23.Birth weight of the baby:24.Apgar score at 1 minute:25.Apgar score at 3 minutes:  

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