Need Architecture Engineering to write a Case Study

Your assignment is to take one of the sample plan for a house provided and develop a Green Design Guide. This will be an instruction manual on how to build this house to LEED for Homes standards. The guide/report will show how each credit category will/can be achieved. You will also select materials and equipment recommendations as necessary. This guide should be easy to follow and graphically and visually appealing so it is easy to understand. Make changes and corrections on the plans as needed. I would recommend using Microsoft Publisher. The guide should be in 8.5×11 landscape and 11×17 sheets can be inserted as needed.Your report should include the following at a minimum and will be graded not only on the completeness of the writing but on the graphic/visual presentation and the organization.Building info (name, location, size)Building DrawingsIntroduction to project (why green homes are important and what they can contribute.)LEED rating goal of Silver or BetterLEED credit areas (brief description of how the building will achieve points in each of the LEED H credit areas)LEED Homes scoresheetInclude photos/graphics etc. to better explain each of the credit areas.Summary/Conclusion

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