The purpose of the observation assignment is for you to watch and identify consistent pattern of behaviors amongst people. This specific observation asks that you focus on behaviors related to conformity. The definition of conformity and examples of informative behaviors can be found in your text and as part of your reading assignment for this week. As you write your short paper, please make certain to integrate what you have read with what you have observed. Failure to integrate and support your findings will result in a loss of a letter grade.

It is always wise to maintain notes when completing an observational project, please use the information below to guide you as you collect your notes.

1. Based on your assumption, what is the relationship of the people of which are observing?

2. What was the pre conforming behavior or statement? In other words, what happened before the other individual demonstrated a conforming behavior.

3. What was that conforming behavior?

4. As a measure of self analysis, what drew you to that particular relationship?

5. During the time of your observation, did you notice any of the relationship that demonstrated conformity? What was that behavior? How different was it then the initially expressed conforming behavior?

In two pages (not including the title and reference page), report what you found in an essay format (do not forget to integrate your reading). Once you have explained the observed conforming behaviors, comparing those behaviors to your personal relationships. Highlight any similarities or the similarities between the observed behaviors and your personal behaviors in your personal relationships. This short paper should have a title page, a reference page, and should comply with all APA formatting regulations.

Assigned Reading: Chapters 5 and 6
Kenrick, D. T., Neuberg, S. L., & Cialdini, R. B. (2015). Social Psychology (6th ed., p. 41). San Francisco, CA: Pearson Education, Inc.

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