The ethical dilemma of eliminating mosquitos in Africa; Recommend one or more solutions and discuss concerns to the African economy and people were mosquitos to be elongated in a global effort to reduce disease carried by mosquitos

I have done a presentation on this topic of ethical dilemmas of eliminating mosquitos in Africa due to the fact that fish support livelihood of 3% of Africans and 2% of economy as well as source of good for the people. Now I need ideas writing an essay on the direct consequences of this elimination, the stake holders abs people affected, and possible solutions or alternative(s). The disease carried by mosquitos is serious, however we must consider and weigh the ethical nature of eliminating mosquitos and its impact on the African economy and people as its egg larva are a primary source for fish. Am focusing on ethical issues of this topic with support by research, not drawing a conclusion just presenting a compelling argument that this is highly ethical problem with myriad of consequences.
My current sources and you could add another good one possibly: 1. Taylor, B., & Williams, H. (2016, January 28). How Zika Spreads. Retrieved May 17, 2016, from
2. FAO Doc. No. 1093 at 1-82 (2015). FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Circular No. 1093 FIPS/C1093 (En)
3. Beisel, U., & Bote, C. (2013). The Flying Public Health Tool: Genetically Modified Mosquitoes and Malaria Control. Science as Culture, 22(1), 38-60. doi:10.1080/09505431.2013.776364
4. Oxitec, Oxitec Research Inst. (2016). More on the science: How does oxitec make genetically modified mosquitoes? Press release. Retrieved from

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