Pharmaceutical Health Services

The final paper will be on a topic of your choice relating to health services. You are provided a list below of topic options to help you along, but you are not restricted to the list of topics I have provided. Any topic relating to health services is acceptable, but must be approved. You should cite 1 or more journal articles or other relevant literature.
Specifications: 3-4 pages, 12 Font, Arial, Double Spaced (700 Words)
Paper Topic:
Pharmaceutical Health Services
The paper is meant to be an essay describing a health services area, current problems it faces, and recommendations you have for improvement. Please include the following sections:

I. Background: Describe the characteristics and/or history of the health services area in the U.S.
Questions to help you along:
Which populations utilize these services?
What has been done to improve the area in the past?
Have there been declines or improvements in quality, access, or cost in the health services area over time? What were the causes/reasons?
How has this area changed in other ways over time?

II. Current Issues: Describe current problems, challenges and issues facing the health services area.
Questions to help you along:
Are there currently problems with access, availability, and/or affordability in this health services area? If so, which populations are impacted most?
Is there sufficient funding? What are the major issues with cost?
How is current national policy impacting the health services area?

III. Policy Recommendations: Provide recommendations for addressing the issues described above.
Questions to help you along:
What changes to the health system are needed to address the problem(s) within this health services area?
How can barriers to access to this health service be addressed?
What can policy makers do to address the problem(s)? If you were a policy maker, how would you address the problem?

IV. Conclusion: Summarize your paper and give your final thoughts.
Questions to help you along:
Do you think it is realistic that these problems will be resolved?
Why do you think these problems havent been resolved already?
Any additional thoughts?

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