POS 111 Spring 2016 Final Exam

Project description
Please only use the textbook (We the People: 9th Edition. Ginsberg, Lowi, Weir and Spitzer) . No grammatical errors, proper citation, no title page is needed.

Please answer each question as a 1st person, you are a part of the scenario. Be very thorough with your answers, define terms as needed and use strong analysis to support answer.

1. You are a member of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia during the summer of 1789. Explain the creation of the constitution, why we decided to write a new constitution instead of amending the Articles of Confederation along with explaining the main components of the 7 articles. Also, explain in detail the compromises that were made to insure the ratification of the constitution by the state governments.

2. You are a campaign manager for the elections in 2016. Create a campaign platform for a candidate of your choosing (real or fictional), include your understanding of how the media, political parties, interest groups, personal voting preferences and your own political ideology affects the creation of this platform and a brief explanation of why your candidate will be successful.

3. You are a member of the Senate. Explain in detail the relationship between the executive branch, the judicial branch and the legislative branch when it comes to social and domestic policy. What are the checks and balances that are used during passage of such policy? Now, explain the same relationship between the branches through the creation of foreign policy. Again demonstrate understanding of the checks and balances system and include a brief explanation of the differences between domestic and foreign policy.

Question 1 = Part 1 in book
Write from perspective of a member of the constitutional convention
Why are you there?
How did we get to this point?
How did we form our government?
What compromises did we make?

Question 2 = Part 2 in book
Write from perspective of campaign manager
How do you deal with media?
How to use interest groups?
Campaign laws

Question 3 = Part 3 in book
Write from perspective of Senator
Foreign policy
Domestic policy
How does a bill become a law?
How does the government function from the Senates perspective

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