Python homework

Use these libraries and global variables that should remain immutable (they’re “constants”) – you MUSTuse these constants in your code so if they’re changed, everything will still work as it should. Your codeshould handle four 20-sided die rolled nine times per test just as easily as five 6-sided die rolled threetimes per test Define a class called 3 (singular for “dice”) that will have the following methods:++ ++0    %) (+%+        1 creates a 3 object with the given number of sides (forexample, +53061 a “normal” 6-sided die, or +5301 for a gamer’s 20-sided die.It should even be able to handle an odd number, such as a 17-sided die! We are not limited by the needfor physical symmetry here. (0    %1 will roll the 3 based on the number of sides and assigns the value rolled to a “hidden”variable – a positive integer from 1 to the number of sides. For example, a 6-sided 3 will generate andreturn a value from 1 to 6. Hint: ( ( 0)1 will generate a random integer whosevalue is equally likely to be any integer from 1 through 100, including both 1 and 100.0    %1 will return an integer, the current value of the die as it was last rolled. If the die hasnever been rolled, it should return a value of .Also, in your “main” code at the bottom of the Python module, write Python code to create a list called+. whose items are 3 objects. This +. list will represent the dice in your mainexecutable code, and must match the requirements for the +. parameter for the pre-writtenfunctions.Part IIUsing 3 objects as defined above, you will define the function called +>0+.1(much like + 01 in the previous project), that will perform the simulation as specifiedbelow.The function will return =( if the outcome is a Yahtzee, and ‘    if it is not.In the game of Yahtzee, a player rolls dice. In your function, the player will try to get a Yahtzee byfollowing these rules:(1) For the first roll, roll all the dice(2) Determine which value is on the most dice, and set those dice aside so they won’t be re-rolled(3) Re-roll all the dice that weren’t set aside(4) Repeat steps (2) and (3) until you’re out of rolls (in Yahtzee, it’s a maximum of 3 rolls)(5) If, after the rolls, all the dice have the same value, you have a Yahtzee! If not, then you don’t.Consider the following code to print the values of all your dice to the screen. The parameter a list of 3 objects – notice how each die is represented by    ^^ this is part of the homework, if u r intrested please let me know thank you  

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