Quality Assurance

Project description
Throughout this term, you learned a number of key concepts in leading a company in quality assurance techniques. However, rarely can a company be led to these standards by just one person. Instead, a team of people will be gathered in order to ensure that each department is upholding their quality assurance standards.

Research a company of your choice to determine an area where quality may need to be improved. This might be a company you currently work for, a company you have worked for in a past, or a company that you have done business with and realized that there may be an underlying issue in their processes. Feel free to change the name of the company to protect their identity. If you are at a complete loss of what company to use, you may create a fictional company, however, you must adhere to all of the parts of the assignment.

Once you have chosen your company, it would be beneficial for you to establish a contact within the organization in order to communicate with. This is not mandatory, but is definitely recommended. Again, you may change the name of your sources to ensure privacy.

The next step in the project is to assume the role as the lead of the Quality Assurance project team. You will conduct a proposal to develop a quality assurance plan to put in place to ensure that the company is offering the utmost quality in their service/product.

There are four main parts to your proposal:

Part I – Quality Objectives: This portion of the proposal will require you to define what needs to be changed and the steps that you intend to make it happen. You must also determine the tools and quality techniques that will be necessary in implementing the change.
Part II – Roles and Responsibilities: This portion of the proposal will require you to determine the roles and responsibilities individuals will play throughout the process. This is a very important part of the plan. Itemizing roles and tasks is beneficial throughout the process to ensure that each party understands their position within the project.
Part III – Coordination with Other Plans: This portion of the proposal will require you to determine what other plans are currently in place for the company to run smoothly. You must do your research to ensure that you do not risk contradicting or compromising other plans currently in place.
Part IV – Tasks and Scheduling: This portion of the proposal will allow you to begin assigning and scheduling tasks. It is very important to determine the time frame allotted and plan accordingly.

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