relative resource consumption of the United States

Project description
The essay mode should be argumentative (which may include persuasion)..
develop an argumentative thesis and defend/support vigorously regarding the topic.
1600 words of text (not including heading, title, or Works Cited page).
no more than 5 sources, total
at least 1 print source
at least 1 Internet-based source
no more than 8 in-text citations
at least 2 paraphrases and/or summaries
Style especially conciseness and variety
Please use simple words.
Added on 25.04.2016 13:24
The argument can either be afor or against the topic.
Strong thesis with conclusion
Persuasion can be used, but the mode should be argument
1500 words with out the heading and topic.
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I got well written and organized essays , and I became your loyal customer. however my last order is horrible, and I am really disappointed the fact that my essay is not an argumentative essay as I ordered rather it is an informative one. I want a good argumentative essay with strong, developed thesis which further will be argued in the rest of paragraphs. I want a developed essay by the writer but not a collected ideas from different sources and then citing them. the essay I received has contradictory ideas plus one more point which is not needed to be discussed regarding the topic of the essay. There is also grammar error and there is no opposing point mentioned in the writing which should be there since it is arguing. lastly, please focus only the natural resources which people of the world are shared like energy, water, etc and give real examples while arguing.

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my essay was totally rejected because of a mess of the ideas discussed as some topic were totally out of the topic like global warming and urbanization. the other problem my essay was rejected is the citation part. I requested MLA citation. please reconsider my essay again.

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