Research Proposal ” Do students who take Adderall receive higher grades in school”

Project description
This paper should be in first person, thank you.

Paper should be 10 – 12 pages in length (typed, double-spaced and using standard size 12 font and one-inch margins) and contain sections on each of the following:

**= Title of sections and should be included in paper

**Introduction (This is where you outline the question to be studied and explain its importance); 1-2 pages ” Do students who take Adderal receive higher grades in school”

**Review of Literature (This is where you discuss prior research on the topic of interest); 2-3 pages (articles at bottom)

**Research Design (This is the most important part of this particular assignment. Here, you explain how you are going to study the question of interest); 3 4 pages

Important points to be discussed in this section include:

– What type of method(s) will you use? Is it a survey? Experiment? Field research? Secondary data analysis?
( This study will be an EXPERIMENT. You will conduct your study at a University. You will divide student into two groups, student who take addrall and students who don’t. The independent variable will be Adderall use and the dependent variable will be grades which will be looked at by GPA of students and if Adderall affects grades. Some other variable that may play into the grades could be basic demographics such as age,race,gender, also outside activities, how many credits one is taking, and majors could also be variables that affect grades. The groups would have to be somewhat equal. )

– How will you find subjects/data for your study?

– What type of sampling method, if any, will you use?

– What other resources will you need to conduct your study?

– Are there threats to reliability/validity and if so, how will you treat them?

– How does your proposed project differ from what has been done previously?

– What are the shortcomings to your proposed method and, if so, how will you minimize their impact on your research efforts?

– Are there any ethical considerations? If so, how will they be addressed?

**Hypotheses (Based on theory and prior research, what do you expect to find? Note: not all research proposals contain specific hypotheses!); 1 page or less

**Implications (What are the practical/policy implications of your research? What programs can be developed based on your findings?); 1 2 pages

Articles to use for Review of Literature:




**** I will attach my previous research proposal that this essay will be based on and will make this easy to understand.
Added on 06.05.2016 22:48
The paper Ive attached is my research proposal and the paper that is being written will be to further explain this. Please answer each part listed in the instructions and divide the paper into the sections as listed.

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