Write a solution-oriented EA report. Choose from either the Industry Architecture or Organization-Specific architecture problem spaces of what TOGAF names the Enterprise Continuum. Analyze the problem space in terms of identified issues (see #4

Project description
1. Title Page
2. Table of Contents
* Include page numbers
3. Executive Summary
* This should be a concise, one-page, executive-level summary of key findings and recommendations from your paper
4. General Background of Project Topic and Vision of Architecture Project Success
* Provide general overview, some kind of benchmarked big picture for context, and an
Architecture Vision/Purpose what will success look like?
* Include references as appropriate
* Use page numbers beginning with this section page 1
5. Identification of approximately 4-6 Major Architecture Issues associated with the project (and benchmarked big picture of which this project will be a part provide a context for what part of a larger ecosystem you are addressing.
* Potential Issue Areas: Organizational, Management, Strategy, Financial, People, Culture
* Potential Issue Areas: Data, Information & Knowledge
* Potential Issue Areas: Information Technology, Other Technology
* Potential Issue Areas: Business Process, Policies & Procedures, Controls/Metrics
* Potential Issue Areas: Architecture frameworks, reference models, patterns, Implementation
* Each identified issue should be bulletized and short, clear and crisp
* Do not discuss issues in this section
* No more than one sentence for each issue
6. Analysis of the implementation of the Project Topic and associated Major Enterprise Architecture Issues
* Factually based on research material gathered (can include examples from your own personal experience
* Develop a small business case to justify that each issue merits attention as such why is the
issue an issue, based on the facts and your analysis?
* Do not include personal conclusions or recommendations in this section
* Include references as appropriate
7. Recommended Solutions, High-Level Roadmap, and Conclusion with Recommended Next Steps
* Provide recommended solutions, showing that you have first considered alternatives, for each major issue
* Provide a high-level road map (could be part of an MS Project plan, an Excel spreadsheet, or a Word table)
** Provide key activities and milestones in this road map
* Provide a section entitled Conclusion in which you summarize your key findings and provide some recommendations, including suggested next steps.
8. Appendices (Schematics, Charts, Graphs, etc.): Along with a high-level roadmap for your problem space/solution, provide either a catalog, matrix, or diagram (TOGAF vernacular) for some aspect of each of the following: business, data/information, application, and technical architectures (e.g., could be As Is, To Be, or Transition views). Therefore, a minimum of 5 visuals is required. You can of course do more if you like.
9. References
Instruction files

homework.docx(14,02 KiB)

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