Semi-Structured Interviews for Qualitative Research

Project description
I am doing a Qualitative multiple Case-Study using semi-structured face-to-face interviews to collect data for this study.

I need a total of 10 pages describing the following parts. Each of the following 16 question should be answered in 150 words (+/- 20) using at least 3 references for each question. All references should be PEER-REVIEWED and not older than 2014 :

(A).Participants: Selection Criteria, Gaining Access, and Establishing a Working Relationship

1..What is the eligibility criteria for choosing the participants?

2..Discusses strategies for gaining access to participants?

3..How can I reduce or avoid being rejected by the participants of by their companies?

4..How can I increase my chances of getting the approval of organizations to allow me to interview their employees?

5..Identify strategies for establishing a working relationship with participants.

(B).Data Collection: Sampling, Number of Participants, Saturation, Semi-Structured Interviews

6..Describe and justify the sampling method (purposeful sampling, snowball sampling, … etc.).

7..Describe and justify the number of participants.

8..Identify how you will ensure data saturation.

9..Describe in detail the procedure for conducting a semi-structured interview.

10..Describe advantages and disadvantages of the semi-structured face-to-face interviews.

11..Why did you choose this method over other methods like structured interviews or focus groups?

(C).Data Analysis:

12..Describe member checking, transcript review and pilot testing as ways to improve validity and/or reliability.

13..Describe how are you going to use member checking of data interpretation or transcript review.

14..Describes the systems used for keeping track of data and emerging understandings. Systems such as research logs, reflective journals, and cataloging/labeling systems.

15..Describe the four types of triangulation for data analysis in case studies.

16..Describe coding, mind-mapping, and identifying themes as methods of data analysis.

*** All references should be PEER-REVIEWED and not older than 2014.
*** References can be used in more than one question. However, a minimum of 15 references should be used throughout the paper. All should be PEER-REVIEWED not older than 2014.

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