Sharing Microeconomic Insights with Non-Specialist Audiences

Project description
PLEASE READ THE RESOURCE FIRST BEFORE WRITING. Use the knowledge gleaned from this course to write an opinion piece (using microeconomic insights) on any topic of your choice, similar to editorials you might see in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, or The Economist. Assume the audience has not taken a course in Intermediate Microeconomic Theory, but has the basic understanding of intro micro.
Apply the theory to make an argument for some particular course of action or way of understanding an event, trend, etc. and explain it to your audience in everyday terms (e.g., make it understandable to your boss, a policymaker, your parents/friends, voters). This assignment is a practice in turning a high-quality technical analysis into a convincing
argument for the layperson.
Your goal is to pick a topic or issue and conduct your own analysis using the skills learned in class. We will discuss examples in class. Do not repeat or summarize the content or analysis of a news article. However, articles are a good way to find a topic or issue that interests you. The analysis should be on a microeconomic topic, not macroeconomic.
Please Do Not use complex sentence because I’m an international student.
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Please FOCUS on analyse the resource you find, like what affect it brings to economics, like because it takes some action and then it brings advantages or disadvantage. Please DO NOT just define the demand elastic and summarize general. Please change the point you focus on and modify the essay. Please return it to me before the end of Saturday. Thank you!
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The essay is not talk about Micro or Marco Eco. Please specific the example you find in the essay. You should analyses the example brings what kind of effect to the ECO, for example like effect to the job. Instead of just talking about the advantages and disadvantage. You can find more resource to support you opinion. But DO NOT talk general. Please be more specific. If you need, I can give you more good example to make sense. Just let me know. And please modify the paper and return it to me before the end of tomorrow!

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