“The banning of fox hunting in 2004”

Project description
1. Once you’re signed onto blackboard and you open up the module interest groups and lobbying, under the resources section there is an a case study outline the lecturer puts up on there that i need you to have a look at and follow its a pdf document just titled “assignment case study”. I need you to tailor your research to what the lecturer is asking for in the case study outline. The pdf document will be a massive help
2. You will have to look over the lecture slides to do this work as well, as there are some
things in there that are useful and will allow you to expand on a lot of stuff.
3. The lecturer will also be looking for the terms she’s used in lectures, so definitely the negative, defensive and proactive lobbying styles. All the lecture slides are useful so please have a look, but then slides on lobbying parliaments, bureaucracies e.t.c will need to be paid attention to properly!

Will give you my uni log in details so you can access blackboard and have access to this
The module is called interest groups and lobbying.
Password: Sawn4dit223
https://map.aston.ac.uk use that link to get to the log in area, from there you can access black board, go through lecture slides and all.
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Hi just to make things easier, the file i just uploaded is the case study assignment outline file the lecturer put up on black board. I want
you to tailor your research to what the lecturer is asking in this case study outline.
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Just so when whoever working on it has a look at all my files attached, the parts highlighted in red are those parts i wasn’t to sure of what the writer was saying and just couldn’t understand. Preferably would like those parts replaced with better and more solid content. The parts in blue i modified and added bits.
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Hi there, i can see you are already done with the paper but i am a bit worried it has come back too soon. I need you to make sure this is a top quality piece of work as i graduate this year and i’m looking to get a very high score. This case study assignment is very important to me so i need you to please take your time with it. I want to score a high 2:1 if possible a first. I need you to show more analysis throughout the work. As that is one thing the lecturer sees as important.

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