managerial accounting

Project description
Throughout the course, we have discussed successful managerial accounting and reporting decisions as the culmination of a managers thoughtful consideration of trade-offs. The answer to many of our questions has been, it depends as the facts and circumstances of the manager, organization, strategy and goals are often what shapes both the decision made and its chance of success. This has been the case throughout all of the primary domains of the course: costing, decision-making and analysis (such as CVP and differential analysis), and performance measurement and management.
With that said, there have been some overarching themes that we have discussed that have applied both within and across the primary domains of the course. For example, we have talked at length about the implications of expressing fixed costs as a unitary measure in costing decisions, differential analysis, and performance measurement.
Please identify what you would consider to the be three most important overarching themes (and corresponding takeaways) of the course, describe and define each theme, discuss how it applies across all three domains, and explain why you these themes and takeaways would make your top three list. When I say important, I mean in regards to your own career and life goals. Keep in mind that I do not know what these goals are unless you tell me, so youll want to work this into your submission. Also, please underline each theme the first time it is referenced so it is abundantly clear what you have selected to discuss. Finally, please do not choose more than three themes.
Your answer will be evaluated based on the quality of your response, which includes your demonstrated knowledge of the breadth of the course material, the depth of your chosen themes, and your ability to tie these to your own goals. In this assignment, I am evaluating your ability to demonstrate your understanding of the big picture learning points of the course as they relate to your goals as a person and future leader. I encourage you to be creative, to the extent that it does not cloud my ability to assess your understanding, and to tie these themes back to what is truly important to you.

Textbook: Managerial Accounting Carrison Noreen Brewer 15 edition
Contents(topics): Cost allocation and classification, cost volume profit analysis, job order costing, process costing, costs of capacity, activity based costing, variable costing, budgeting, standard costs and variance analysis, differential analysis, performance measurement.

Do not use any other resources except the textbook.

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