The Church for the World: An Argument

Project description
In a well-argued essay, evaluate Jennifer McBride\’s argument in her book, \”The Church for the World\”.

When I say evaluate her argument I mean give a nuanced account of what y9ou think are the merits or fallings of her argument, using the concepts from other authors in your explanation.

Since McBride is the one Protestant author we have read and the 0others have been Catholic, this paper is your opportunity to compare Protestant and Cathoic Christian approaches to social problems.

A good answer will do all of the following:

1. Explain McBride\’s basic argument, both in general and with some explanation of specific elements of the argument.
2. Incorporate significant ideas from Bryan Massingale\’s book \”Racial Justice and the Catholic Church\” and Leo XIII\’s encyclical \” Rerum Novarum\”. explaining those ideas in some depth and applying them to McBride\’s argument.
3. Incorporate. as needed. additional ideeas from the curse including the Bible.
4. Offer a thoughtful evaluation of McBride\’s argument about how Christian churches and individuals should address social , giving some attention to how her key ideas are similar or different from the major Catholic authors.

HINT: Chapters 1-3 of \”The Church for the World\” set out McBride\’s key ideas, while chapter 7 is where she applies these ideas to a specific Christian approach to social problems. I invite you to consider ways that Leo XIII and Massingale also set out key ideas and then apply them to social problems.

Do not waste words on lengthy introductions. Get to the point right away. Also, do not waste words on lengthy quotes.

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