World Health Organisation declares Zika virus public health emergency

Project description
TOPIC 3: World Health Organisation declares Zika virus public health
emergency (by John Taylor)

Images of babies born with microcephaly are a hallmark of the way the epidemic of zika virus in Brazil has been reported since late 2015. Yet a causal relationship between zika virus and microcephaly has not been formally established. Nor has zika been linked to this condition previously, despite discovery of the virus more than 50 years ago.
Using original, peer-reviewed literature write an essay that addresses the following questions;
What did we know about zika virus before it reached Brazil?
Why have microcephaly and zika virus been linked only since the virus reached Brazil?
What scientific evidence is there that links zika virus to microcephaly and what other factors might explain the massive increase in microcephaly in Brazil.

General Instructions:

Prepare a written assignment in essay form on ONE of the topics listed on the following page.
In order to spread the load, both for student access to library resources and staff time in marking, each topic will be available to a maximum number of students as indicated in each topic below. Sign up for
your topic through CANVAS under the assignment heading. (If you have any difficulty using CANVAS
please see Selvan Reddy, Room 105 Biology Building e-mail
For each topic you are provided with a starting point. This could be anything (a scientific article, an article
from news or from the web, a youtube video). You should search the peer-reviewed scientific literature
for journal papers on the same topic (see specific instructions for each topic) that provide information to
support your discussion. You should use the Library database search engines to locate this information.
If you are unsure how to do this, contact the Library staff courses on this are free to students. Note:
Internet websites such as Wikipedia are NOT accepted as peer reviewed literature and should not be
used in this assignment.
Structure: The structure of the assignment is a little different for each topic and you must carefully read
and understand the specific instructions for the individual topic:
Sources of information should be cited in the text. A bibliography of reference sources used and cited
in the essay must be included note how this is done in the papers you read as a guide.
General Content: In general your essay should include:
Factual information from peer-reviewed scientific articles that you have found and read in full.
An explanation of the relevant theories and perspectives
Critical assessment of the published information and findings and specifically an assessment of the
starting reference
Conclusions, and comments on future directions
Take note any specific requirements given in the topic you chose
Length: Limit 1000 words, excluding tables, figures and references. (NB. If essays exceed 1000
words only the first 1000 words will be marked).

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