Zara Case Study

Table of contents :
– Introduction
– Zara\’s internationalisation
– introduction
– conclusion and recommendation
-Competitive strategy of the big three world market leaders
– introduction
– competitive strategy
– conclusion and recommendation
– advantage and disadvantage of Zara\’s multi- brand store strategy
– introduction
– advantages
– disadvantages
– recommendation and conclusion of tata and zara collaboration
– conclusion
– recommendation
– bibliography

the above is the table of content and how the report should look like

I will attache the case study

In the main introduction refer to some zara history and what you will be talking about in the report,

Mention the definition of Internationalisation , explain what will you talk about .

to answer question 1 , use welch and loustizen 1988 , 6 stages dimension .

Use Uppsala and paradigm theories in your answer, I will attach the journals of the theory.

Thank you

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