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This assignment is for my Travel and Tourism Management class. The assignment consists of three questions. You should write a 250 word essay for each. I will have an in class final exam in a few days. I will have to answer these questions in the exam so I want to get it done before the exam so I can memorize them. Please keep in mind that the professor gave these questions so we could study the topics and be prepared to answer the questions in the exam. So it should be something you can do during the in class exam, like you shouldn’t use a lot of statistics, citations and so on. And try to make it clear so I can memorize them well. I will write the professor’s instructions as well. This exam is very important for me, it’s worth %45 of total grade, so please do your best. Thank you in advance.


In preparation for your Final Exam, review the following topics and be prepared to write a 250 word essay for each. Your responses should include relevant examples and are expected to be thorough and well reasoned yet succinct.

Question 1. As we discussed, the airline industry is a critical economic engine, not only for the USA, but increasingly globally. Reflecting on the video’s we watched and the technological evolution we reviewed from the development of the Concorde- Super Sonic Transport cutting the travel time from New York to London/Paris in half, to the development of the Super Jumbo, the Boeing 747 doubling the number of passengers that could be transported across oceans to today’s Boeing 787, the most eco-and pax friendly commercial aircraft to be mass produced, how have these developments in air travel affected the tourism industry?

2. Disney is the quintessential example when discussing the attractions and entertainment category in the tourism industry. Discuss, the impact Disney has had upon the tourism industry. Using Butler’s Model, IF you were to plot Disney’s history along his Tourism Life Cycle Analysis, TALC, where would Disney be today and where is it going?

3. A cruise ship embodies many of the aspects of the tourism industry, e.g., transportation, accommodation, food and beverage, attractions and entertainment, plus the opportunity to visit heritage and eco-tourism destinations. Describe the impact the cruise industry has had upon the tourism industry.

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