Project description
There are 3 questions for Week 6

Reading: Kozinn Chapter 7
(Rolling Stone- see below)

1967 is the year for Sgt. Pepper.
Before this the Beatles had recorded:
Hard Days Night: 1964
Help!: 1965
Rubber Soul: 1965
Revolver: 1966
1. Select one song from each of the above mentioned albums and discuss. Please talk about who wrote the song, the lyrics, the instrumentation (if there is something unique or different about the song and the audience’s reaction to the songs. You can find a complete list on itunes of the various songs. (Links to an external site.)/ (Links to an external site.)

2. Select 2-3 Songs from the Sgt. Pepper Album and listen. Research these songs and tell us something(s) specific about them and their history. Try to use information to support your findings about the various songs from any article of your choice on the Beatles from “Rolling Stone Magazine” available on-line through OSU Library (E-Journals). Make sure to include the article that you use in your post.

Here is how you can access articles in Rolling Stone:
Go to: OSU Libraries:

Click on E-Journals (left side of page)

Type in “Rolling Stone” under “Title Begins With”

Click “Academic Search Premier”

Enter your OSU ID and start your search. ( If the links are not responding, find another article link on google or on an academic article search, but do not use WIKIPEDIA)

There are several articles on Sgt. Pepper.
Here is an example:
Gilmore, M. (2007). MAKING SGT. PEPPER. Rolling Stone, (1030/1031), 74-79. Retrieved from EBSCO host.

If possible, find a good compilation of the various songs on the album as a starting point.

1.” Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Links to an external site.)” 2:00
2.” With a Little Help from My Friends (Links to an external site.)” 2:43
3.” Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (Links to an external site.)” 3:26
4.” Getting Better (Links to an external site.)” 2:47
5.” Fixing a Hole (Links to an external site.)” 2:35
6.” She’s Leaving Home (Links to an external site.)” 3:33
7.” Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite! (Links to an external site.)” 2:35
Side two
1.” Within You Without You (Links to an external site.)” ( George Harrison (Links to an external site.))5:05
2.” When I’m Sixty-Four (Links to an external site.)” 2:37
3.” Lovely Rita (Links to an external site.)” 2:41
4.” Good Morning Good Morning (Links to an external site.)” 2:42
5.” Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) (Links to an external site.)” 1:19
6.” A Day in the Life (Links to an external site.)” 5:04

3. Paul McCartney is going strong. His most recent album was well-received and he gave an impressive performance at the Grammy’s to support it. Find and listen to a recent recording or performance by McCartney. How do you think he has managed to keep his career moving forward since the Beatles? Do you think an artist should stop performing once the band breaks up? Why or why not? Do you think he is still a great performer? Why or why not?
Be sure to tell us what you listened to.

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