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Project description
Essay format : 12pt Times New Roman, 1.5 line spacing, page numbers. First page: title bold, student number, words count. Clear paragraphs throughout (not too short, not too long). Bibliography alphabetically (call the section References), under the essay (not on separate page). Use the Harvard system of referencing. In the text (Smith 2007: 25).

(1) ESSAY: 1700-2000 words
DUE: You must use academic referencing and a bibliography in this essay. Ensure that you structure your essay to make an argument, perhaps by breaking it into sections with an introduction and conclusion. Careful attention to layout (double/ 1 12 spacing) and using an appropriate font (such as Times New Roman) are all-important to contribute towards the academic requirements of essay writing. Please note that the essay question is asking you to directly anlayse a given number of films but to achieve greater scope you should watch more films and mention them in the essay (up to around 10).
Choose ONE of the following:
1. With reference to two films of your choice analyse the way in which one or more elements of style (mise-en-scne, cinematography, editing or sound) aid the narrative in conveying meanings and themes of the films.
2. With reference to at least two films, analyse the manner in which their narrative structures aid the content and meanings of the films.
3. Compare and contrast the main characteristics of German Expressionism and Italian Neo- Realism movements with reference to at least four films. What is the enduring legacy of German Expressionism and Italian Neo-Realism?
4. With reference to at least two films, analyse the extent to which they can be defined as belonging to a particular genre.
5. With reference to at least three films of a chosen director, describe and assess whether he can be called an auteur.
6. Describe, compare and contrast gender representation in Blade Runner (Ridley Scott 1982) and Ex Machina (Alex Garland 2015).
7. Describe and assess to what extent it is fair to say that Hollywood is a commercial industry with little regard for ‘art’ or creative expression.
8. Describe and discuss the main characteristics of The Romanian New Wave with reference to at least three films. What, do you think, the enduring legacy of The Romanian New Wave will be?

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