Critical Analysis

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Select one literary element such as: theme/s, character/s, point of view, structure, imagery/symbolism/metaphor, language or tone, and discuss how this one element contributes to the effectiveness of the two texts you have selected. Include your own reflections on these texts, and how the critiques have added to your understanding of the literary element/s you have chosen.

Consider the following steps when writing your essay:
1.If there is more than one critique for an author, select only one critique on each of the authors you plan to write about.

2.When deciding on one literary element to write about (theme, character, symbolism/imagery, point of view, language etc.) be guided by the critiques for the authors you select.

3.What do the critiques of each text say about this literary element, and how each of the two authors use this element?

4.You may decide to write about two literary elements such as symbolism in Dickinsons poetry, and language in Collins work.
Or you may decide to select the same one literary element for both authors

5.When writing your essays, discuss each author and the related critique in turn. Dont just summarize the critiques; instead, say what you think of them; if they make sense to you, based on your reading of the texts.

6.Then use a paragraph to compare and/or contrast these two authors in terms of the literary element/s you selected and what you saw as the main point/s of the critiques.

7.Then in a concluding paragraph, re-state your main arguments once more, referring to both authors and both critiques.

use MLA in-text citations when making reference by way of direct quotes from, or paraphrases of the critiques. Times New Roman, 12 point, double spaced.
Please indicate very clearly at the start of your paper which two texts/authors and which literary element/s you are discussing

will upload picture of paper that was previously ordered and needs corrections
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articles to be used are billy collins \\\”Taking Off Emily Dickinsons Clothes 1998\\\” and Emily Dickinson \\\”Because I could not stop for death\\\”
Instruction files

merrin_2002_art_over_easy_southern_review_38_1_p_202-214.pdf(1,46 MiB)
emily_dickinson_background_the_poetry_foundation.pdf(877,18 KiB)
lit_genres_a-_essay_n_ujoatu_hemingway_and_oconnor_using_repetition.pdf(356,07 KiB)

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