Project description
Module 2 – Case

Assignment Overview
You will examine the relationship between the chemical structure of DNA and important macromolecules in your body. After completing the required readings and viewing the tutorials, you will produce a short PowerPoint presentation for this Case assignment. Complete your background reading in Pain-Free Biochemistry by reading the following chapters before proceeding to the Case assignment:

Topic 3: Shape, molecular recognition, and proteins: an example

Topic 4: Proteins as chains of amino acids

Topic 32: The Idea of Genes

Topic 33: The chemistry of genes: DNA and the double helix and DNA

Topic 34: The genetic code and mRNA

Topic 35: Protein synthesis and tRNA

Part I Enzymes and Proteins

First complete the following tutorials that explain:

The importance of proteins as enzymes facilitate bonding
The role of peptide bonds in protein structure
An overview of the levels of organization of protein structure
Protein folding
Slide 1: Introduce enzymes by defining what they are, what type of macromolecule they are, and examples of where they operate in the body.

Slides 2-4: Define and explain the roles of protease, lipase and amylase in the human body. Dedicate one slide per enzyme and include an image of the chemical, and the chemical that it operates on. Explain each enzymes general action, where it acts on its substrate, and where it is utilized in the body in your notes section. Be sure to cite your sources.


Now complete the tutorials on DNA and protein synthesis:

DNA alpha helix

DNA and RNA structure

Protein synthesis

Complete your presentation with the following slides:

Slide 5: Include an image of DNA and RNA and explain the function of each in the notes section. Cite your references.

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