Employee motivation and performance

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Please see attachment of a sample paper to get an idea of what is required and the TEMPLATE to check the marking scheme.
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Please proofread the whole paper as some phrases are confusing (Understanding the motivational elements, whether intrinsic or intrinsic…).

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Can I please as you to revise the paper because in order to meet the master level i would like to talk about how employee motivation can improve/affect their performance. Not evaluating ways they can be motivated. And can I please ask you to make sure that the objectives and deliverable fall under the ‘SMART’ criteria, as in they must be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based.

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Hello, can I please over emphasize the importance that this proposal need to sound like something that I’m gnat research in the future. Collect data and analyze. can I please add to the objectives that after explaining the concept of motivation and how the intrinsic ad extrinsic factors interact, I will be collecting data from staff and employees and later analyzing these data to find out whether there is a significant relationship between employee motivation and organizational performance. This data collection will be through questionnaires and surveys. Please check the below attachment of a similar study that was done on the Nigerian telecommunication industry, this is not where i intended to focus but the study gives a picture of where I am looking. And can i over emphasize that the deadline is very soon, i need to submit this proposal in the 2nd of May. Thank you.

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