The injustice of the meat and dairy industry

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Main Topic:The injustice of big meat and dairy corporations getting subsidies for there harmful product , and the consumer paying a beef tax so the NBCA can advertise meat. The sub topics:(support for why over eating meat and dairy is so bad) Animal Agriculture, Greenhouse gases, Land, Water, Waste, Oceans, Wildlife, Humanity.
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I can also send an example of my previous paper if it helps make the paper sound like me.
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This essay is my mid term research paper, it is supposed to be about an injustice and I chose the the fact that the meat and dairy industry are super detrimental to the world and humankind, yet they make so much money and get tax breaks at the consumer and the worlds expense.
I have added a small essay I wrote on a similar subject earlier this semester.
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Hey, just a few things. The in-text citations need quotes around them, I can’t tell what is quoted and what is written. The sections don’t need titles and extra spaces, they just made the paper shorter. I saw a few mistakes with word choice and word tenses. I’ll submit a detailed revision later, but these little corrections will make it easier for me to read. Thank you!

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