Essay based on Poe’s “Cask,” O’Connor’s “Good Man,” Faulkner’s “Rose,” Walker’s “The Flowers,” Moody’s “Boys,” Kincaid’s “Girl,” Lon

Project description
1.There is some controversy in literary criticism as to what constitutes a male or female aesthetic. Look back at the stories we have read that deal with girls and boys from the perspective of male and female writers. Do you think there is a distinct difference in the way male and female authors communicate theme, characterization, plot, or style or would you say that while there are differences, these are ARTISTIC choices rather than a matter of discourse gender identity.
2.Poe is credited with being one of the best writers of suspense in English. Assess the plot, setting, characterization, and style of Cask of Amontillado and decide how you would characterize the quality of suspense in this story. How does Poe achieve an emotional response from the reader?
3.The Meyer text includes a section on The Literature of the South (432). Pick an article from this section and test the authors assertions against your reading of Poe, Faulkner, and/or OConnor.
4.Faulkners A Rose for Emily is both an example of suspense and irony, two very different effects. How does Faulkner manage to achieve both in this story? You may want to consider narrative frame and perspective as well as setting, characterization, and style.
5.Flannery OConnor is rather difficult to characterize as a writer. One might say that this is because she combines symbolism and realism so effectively. Pick at least one of her stories and analyze how these two different perspectives on events create either structural and thematic unity or a rather shocking sense of disconnection that could be termed grotesque.
6.The traditional epic focuses on the heros exploits on the battlefield. So why does Hemingway choose to tell the story of The Great War from the perspective of an average soldier who has returned to an ordinary home? What does he gain or lose by the narrative design of Soldiers Home?
7.OBrien models How to Tell a True War Story on Hemingways Soldiers Home. Which would you judge to be the superior story? You should base your criteria for judgment on narrative perspective, plot design, prose style, and theme and perhaps social relevance.
8.In an excerpt from a letter published in Meyer, Anton Chekhov defends his literary technique of objectivity and says that he does not offer a subjective moral judgment of his characters because the image would become blurred and the story will not be as compact as all short stories out to be. When I write, I reckon entirely upon the reader to add for himself the subjective elements that are lacking in the story (205).How does Chekhovs insistence on objective exactitude work in his portrait of the adulterous lovers in The Lady with a Pet Dog?
9.Both Fay Weldon and Dagoberto Glib adopt an ironic perspective on love in their stories. Which writers portrait of love as manipulation rather than romance is more successful? Which writer uses integrates setting, theme, and character most effectively?
10.In his introduction to the central character in To Build a Fire, Jack London describes him as a man without imagination (519). Why is a philosophical perspective on mans place in the universe (519) necessary to an adventure story? How does London use his narrative of the mans consciousness to advance this theme?

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