Global Management Skills

Project description
The assignment is a single piece of coursework of 2000 words (+/- 10%) in two key sections:

Section A. 1250 words considering the academic research on your chosen global topic.
Section B.750 words reflecting on your skill set in relation to your target

Writing in the third person, section A allows you to explore future employability options, evaluate the sector, region and context. You are then asked to consider your skill set and action planning in relation to your targeting this as a future option.
It should not be of concern if you have no fixed ideas as such yet. The skills you develop in undertaking this assessment are transferable. The assignment is designed for you to focus on your interests and needs and to consider what you need to be doing to achieve that aim. It is flexible to reflect the diverse range of students in the course and to allow you the chance to consider you choices and what you may have to do to achieve your goals.

Section A needs to evaluate the context, the challenges and pressures and as much as possible relate this to the broader global context. You will have to consider contextual factors and draw from learning in other modules. Therefore there are economic, political, legal, social, and critically, cultural considerations. Section one develops your skills in evaluating a context. Crucially it requires you to research the competencies required for that sector. There is much research around this topic. Section two asks you to consider positioning yourself in that context and what skills you have to develop to get there. What are the demands? Even the smallest of businesses are in a global market place.
The list is endless but some examples to get you thinking where your research will take you are these.
Examples might be the following:

Establishing a small business in eg the West Midlands, UK or any other local area in your country
The Banking sector in eg Qatar, India, China.
Importing goods from outside the EU for sale within the UK
Developing markets in eg Malaysia
Intercultural Awareness consultant
Establishing an eco-travel agency.
Joining a graduate scheme in a specific company, eg IBM, Tesco, HSBC, Toyota
Working in international marketing.
International hospitality
Sports Management
Public sector.. Voluntary sector
Etc, etc, etc.

Journal articles always offer the most recent ideas in research. Once you find useful journal articles, then note the database they are in (eg Emerald, Business Source Premier, Wiley, Sage, etc) as you can then use a more direct search within these databases. Or use an advanced search in Discover.

Examples of journal articles you could explore can be referenced in your bibliography as in the following examples:

Thorn, M. (2012) Leadership in International Organizations: Global Leadership. Competencies. The Psychologist-Manager Journal. No 15. pp 158163,

We will expect a minimum of 10 distinct sources such as articles or relevant books which you may find. Please do not use a generalised internet search on a search engine for your work. Generic web sites are not suitable academic references.
Section B:
Writing in the first person, section B explores your own activity in developing your competencies as a potential employee in your chosen field. This section of the assignment needs to use a reflective writing style technique. Skills for Learning provide very good support for this. The content will vary between students, depending on the nature of the competencies chosen, but as students of Global Management Skills, it is expected that there would be some focus on cultural learning and global leadership competencies. Personal CVs* and completed audits should be added in the appendices and referred to in the body of the text.
Portrait orientation document
Font such as Tahoma, Verdana or Calibri.
Font size mimimum of 11

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